By Jenn Smith

In an enormous and inexcusable display of political pseudo-religious orthodoxy, not to mention a huge waste of tax payer money and resources, the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) filed a Human Rights complaint this week against embattled Chilliwack School Board trustee Barry Neufeld — whom, as it turns out, possesses and exercises supernatural powers that threaten everybody in Chilliwack. At this stage it seems like this trial will be the first of its kind since Lucretia L.S. Brown charged Christian Scientist Daniel H. Spofford of attempting to harm her using his “mesmeric” mental powers in 1878.

Angry Politically-Correct-Pagan-Bible thumping CUPE brass roared to their pagan gods that Neufeld’s comments suggesting that child transitioning could constitute a form of “child abuse,” actually constitutes an unspeakable heresy that makes Chilliwack schools unsafe for highly paid CUPE staff to work in.

To justify the witch trial of Barry Neufeld, CUPE Local 411 president and high priestess Shana Kirkland pointed to Chilliwack School District policy 402, which states that staffers have the right to “operate, work or learn in an environment free from harassment.” It would seem Neufeld’s objection to kids being put on a path towards using puberty blockers and then a lifetime on synthetic hormones (not to mention possible genital mutilating surgery) somehow makes CUPE employees unsafe.

Kirkland implied CUPE workers would tremble in fear at the idea that Barry, usually sitting comfortably at home sipping a coffee and reading a book, might actually be thinking hateful thoughts about LGBTQ employees and students, thus in Voodoo-like fashion sending psychic waves that might instantly tip ladders or cause machinery to malfunction and explode in the faces of employees. The warlock Neufeld’s evil powers must indeed be formidable, in order to cause so much mass chaos using little more than the dreaded evil eye.

But, one cannot let reason and common sense get in the way of a good witch trial. And I suppose we should not place too much blame for the witch hunt on Kirkland, since Morgane Oger, Rob Fleming, and BCTF President Glen Hansman have been working hard for some time to expose Neufeld’s witchy and evil supernatural powers.

Let us hope our representatives in Victoria sue CUPE for wasting the money and resources of tax payers on such a frivolous pursuit, and perhaps demand punitive damages to dissuade such witch trial absurdities in the future.


9 thoughts on “Union Launches First Witch Trial in North America Since 1878, Against School Trustee Barry Neufeld and the Chilliwack School Board

  1. Thank you Jenn and Barry for standing up to protect kids who are too young to think through the dreadful ramifications of a too hastily made, adult appropriate descision. Over 18 for sure on this one!! (Hopefully done high school by then:)

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  2. Not like there are any recent examples of children lying or not being held accountable for their actions. Oh wait, the 11 year old girl who said someone was trying to cut her hijab. Oh and Omar Khadr was too young to know what he was doing when he threw a grenade killing someone. But we feel kids can make these decisions?

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  3. Thanks for this wit! It is funny but sad and it’s a real head’s up that society may have already gone too far along the road of promoting whatever we want to do so as not to hurt people’s feelings at the risk of harming children for the rest of their lives. Thanks to Barry Neufeld for having the courage to bring up the issue.

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    1. Oh we have gone too far alright. WAYYYYYYYY too far. It is out of control. The radical LGBTQ activists like Glen Hansman, whom somehow weaseled his way into the presidency of the BCTF, need to be brought down and under control. They currently constitute a quasi-fascist rainbow shirt goon squad terrifying anybody that disagrees. It has to stop. I will stand in front of that tank with my body if I have to. This is a threat to freedom itself.


  4. Thank you Jenn for writing an article which reflects the absurdity of this whole matter.
    Glen Hansman and Rob Fleming must resign. They obviously are very conflicted in ensuring the personal lives and beliefs remain personal. Their ‘personal’ agenda has no place in the public school system.
    We need adults showing up at the table…and they are apparently unqualified as they behave like vicious 14 year old bullies.

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