By Jenn Smith

Okay, so I just listened to the “secret” recording of the “tribunal” at Wilfrid Laurier University. Not much to say about the “secret” recording itself. We are not dealing with idiots here and I send them my kudos. No talk about the word woman at all as usual of course. It is all pronouns all the time, especially fake pronouns, no talk about men being called women and whether I, for instance, can be forced to call Morgane Oger a woman. No talk about men going into women’s spaces or into women’s programs. Nope, our heroes/heroines will blab about pronouns while I am being threatened with criminal charges for calling a man a man and not a woman. Pronouns get all the press coverage, and Peterson is the brave warrior for fighting against the evil Zirzilla.

So I decided to see what Peterson had to say about this incident.
Peterson talked for 23 minutes, and made not one reference to “woman” in terms of language, again. Then I listened to a 40 min Q&A afterwards, and again not one reference to the word “woman” EXCEPT by a woman that asked him about what he thought about males going into women’s spaces and men taking responsibility for that, and then she noted her refusal to use “transwoman” because men are not women (somebody give her a kiss–with her consent of course; perfect, Jordan has to answer right?), wrong. Both questions Peterson tap-danced around as far as I can tell. Of course there was a strange glitch in the video so we missed part of his response, but I did not hear anything about defending the word woman or keeping men out of women’s spaces, and I will not believe he said anything about that until I hear it from his lips or see him write it, at which time I will happily declare him on the side of protecting the meaning of woman. Not one of the three speakers responded clearly to her questions. The comments below the video complained that she was “babbling”. So 63 minutes of Jordan right there, no defense of the word woman or women’s spaces. They plug Theryn Meyer who has batted those pretty eyes and said “woman” should be redefined to include trans males. Peterson did not debate that statement in any meaningful way he just seemed to say that might be a threat to the category system, but that because Theryn looks like a woman and tries to look the part that it is good enough, thus reducing woman to a look (that I contend has been their fallback position all along, because trying means hormones etc). Then I listened to an extended 60 minute q&a, still no mention of the importance of the word woman, brief talk about biology but nothing about the language that is being usurped by people like Theryn Myer. If somebody can find something I missed please email it to me so I can correct myself.

I did not listen to the speeches of Oren Amitay & Gad Saad yet, but neither talked about the word “woman” or protecting safe spaces either during the lengthy q&a.

So people need to be careful not to get distracted on things that don’t matter. Pronouns don’t matter nearly as much as a noun like “woman.” Woman is the word most women’s rights are built around. If a man is a woman then he gets a woman’s rights, because he is a woman and you cannot deny a “woman” women’s rights. So we need to keep our eye on the ball and not let people distract us with pronoun discussions. I have been threatened with criminal action because I will not call a man a woman, but the war against zir gets all the attention. At this rate I will end up going to jail in ignomy while Jordan Peterson et al celebrate their victory over Monster Ziro.

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