[My response to discussions on Morgane Ogre’s Facebook page, related to British Columbia’s insidious new child indoctrinating rights trampling school agenda SOGI].

Let me predicate by stating — I am a member of no religion: I am a bisexual transgender identified male living in British Columbia — so people can put their “transphobe” and “bigot” pistols back in their holsters immediately. Those are little more than quasi-fascist silencing tools at the best of time that are used irresponsibly and freely, which itself is a form of bullying and hatred by persons that claim to be against such things.
Let’s begin with basics: The state is NOT the guardian of ideologies or children. Any attempts by the state to take over those roles must be resisted stringently by everybody that values freedom of thought. Further, as a former ward of the province of British Columbia I can tell you with 100% certainty the state failed me miserably as a guardian and the “expert” doctors assigned to “understand” me understood nothing about me. So government and doctors both make poor guardians; the best and most reliable guardians of a child’s mind is as it has always been, the parents, and their wishes must be respected in schools. We cannot however have one group messing with the minds of the children of another group, which is what we have with SOGI.
My primary personal interest is in trans related issues for reasons that should be obvious. Much of trans identity is based on the same ethereal foundation as religion: faith. Faith and religion are fine of course, but they need to be treated equally by schools and the state. By telling or inferring to kids that changing gender is normal and good, you are normalizing and sanctioning it when there are all kinds of legitimate reasons to oppose that position, both from a secular and a religious perspective. We cannot have either Christian Churches or LGBT radicals teaching their dogmas to the children of people that do not subscribe to those dogmas– that is invasive and offensive, and none of the state’s business! We do not, or are not supposed to, live in an authoritarian state. I for one will not sit back and say nothing while my government institutes laws and programs designed to mow down one set of beliefs in favor of their own reality warping, child destroying nonsense. What we have is one group trampling under foot the rights and views of another, and for what? To support what? To stop what? Suicide? Don’t want your kid in a high risk suicide group, then do not let them transition, easy. Of course the whole “suicide” scare tactic is based on nothing but fear and propaganda. Trying to end bullying? You don’t need SOGi for that, just have police tell kids every year that “bullying anybody for any reason is unacceptable and illegal.” End of it. Enforce it. No need to preach a whole sexual identity ideology.
As a trans identified adult, I can tell you the internal struggles one goes through as an adult, let alone as a kid, are difficult to manage; the temptation towards becoming yet another lifetime pharmaceutical customer is high. As I addressed in my essay (linked at the bottom of this post), peer pressure will virtually guarantee that kids IDing as the opposite gender socially will go on to use drugs and possibly surgery that can permanently damage them. We do not normally advocate kids using drugs, except in this case. We do not usually advocate reinforcing delusions, except in this case. We have never advocated having young boys and young girls changing together at the local pool, except in this case.
We also now see a push in media to outright lie, distort and character assault anybody that even looks cross-eyed at the new and insidious trans agenda being pushed by the usual suspects, aka government ghouls and the slimeballs in Hollywood. Look at the character assault, virtual defamation, that was launched against Paul Dirks in (I think) the Vancouver Sun a while ago. An egregious distortion. Anybody that supports truth and reality and freedom of thought and belief, should rabidly oppose Morgane Oger at every opportunity, because in my opinion he is the antithesis of all of these things. He lives an internal construction that is contradictory to reality and he wants to force others to endorse/validate it (hence his current attack on Bill Whatcott, somebody I agree with on little, but whose right to speak the truth as he sees it I support 100%). Neither Morgane nor I are women, neither he nor I can ever be women. I grew up in a generation in which Boy George was the leading transgender figure (although that word was not in the vernacular at that time). George had it right by George, by IDing as BOY George. For men to say they are women is not only an offense to a thousand generations of mothers, it is an offense to reality itself and we should not be teaching our kids this nonsense, because it is leading to all kinds of highly damaging effects in our society (see my essay).
I am transgender, but I am male. So is Morgane!. We can express ourselves as we like, but to force others to subscribe to an inversion of reality is insidious at its core, especially when it leads to “tribunals” that are not interested in truth but will instead trample truth under foot in the name of a politically correct lie. Oger is, in my opinion, seriously compromising the safety of children by pushing this SOGI garbage; what is worse, Morgane is helping setup a system in which the state can FORCE people to believe lies, and can daily indoctrinate our children until they become brainwashed servants of a new state crafted reality. That is authoritarian and a direct threat to freedom of thought and expression in our country. I for one will not sit back while this reality warping authoritarian agenda is pushed. And offensive cowards like Glen Hansman can laugh at parents that don’t like SOGI all he wants, but it just shows who and what the proponents of SOGi are. Anytime the state and the agents of the state laugh at parents not wanting their children indoctrinated, you know you are dealing with a very arrogant and dangerous sort of politician. Politicians that should not be supported at any level.

[We should all now adopt this as our theme song to those that try to silence us; it is long overdue that we all stood strong and spoke truth to power!!!]

Original Facebook post is located here: feel free to go comment.
Update, the big brave politician deleted this post from his Facebook page. Whatever, coward.


8 thoughts on “My response to local NDP politician Morgane Oger

  1. As a mom of a trans-ID’ing kid being force-fed this dogma at school–students being proactively asked their preferred pronouns (where they have none), three adult guest speakers who are trans, science class teaching “assigned male/female at birth,” and movies shown about such “new identities”–I applaud your courage. It is truly the Emperor’s New Clothes. Keep standing in the truth.


  2. Thank you. You are encouraging. This trend is very distressing and It’s increasingly important to tell the truth. It will take all of us saying this before the powerful back down. They will, though, if we are persistent.


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