I am publishing here a letter I wrote to the editor of the Abbotsford News to rebut an egregious hit piece the News published on Kari Simpson and Paul Dirks’ presentation on SOGI. The editor chose not to publish my letter, but instead published another pro-SOGI propaganda piece. Here is the text that he rejected:
I am writing in response to Kelvin Gawley’s October 6 article in which he “reported” on a talk given by Kari Simpson and Paul Dirks, which took a critical look at the Province’s new “Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity” (SOGI) curriculum for schools, a program designed in secret and implemented quickly without parental input. SOGI wanders brazenly into ideological areas the state really has no business addressing; specifically, teaching kids what is good or bad in terms of sexual identity. SOGI also launches a bizarre assault on language, such as discouraging the use of words such as “boys” and “girls,” as if these words are somehow “bigoted.” As a transgender adult myself, I have no idea when “transgender” became associated with lying to our children, but anybody with any sense knows that males cannot be females (how you dress is irrelevant in this regard)—and yet SOGI seeks to normalize and celebrate this lie in conjunction with “inclusion” policies that facilitate 13 year old boys changing with 13 year old girls in pool change rooms.

While Dirks does suggest the rise in children identifying as transgender could be “a social contagion,” an educated reporter would know this is a technical term not a slander. The Oxford Dictionary of Psychology describes a social contagion as “the spread of ideas, attitudes, or behavior patterns in a group through imitation and conformity.” So, for instance, it is well-known that when one member of a group begins smoking, frequently other members of the group will begin as well. When pop culture portrays that behavior as cool, the social effect is even stronger. In 2010, Tavistock’s Gender Identity Development Service had 97 children referred to them. In 2017, after the debut of TV shows like Caitlyn Jenner’s “I am Cait” and “I am Jazz,” referrals to Tavistock skyrocketed to 2,016! These increases are being replicated across the western world; that is what a social contagion looks like.
I share Simpson and Dirks’ concerns regarding SOGI, because it normalizes and celebrates child transitioning, while ignoring the fact that it can put kids on a path towards a lifetime of pharmaceutical dependence and possibly genital-mutilating surgery. SOGI also tramples the rights of parents (particularly religious parents) that do not subscribe to the reality inverting notion that males can be females. Transitioning is a serious life-altering decision, and many believe it is a form of child abuse. But instead of examining these important considerations, Gawley chose instead to simply defame the speakers.


4 thoughts on “Rejected Letter to the Editor

  1. These are crazy times when the editor won’t publish insights from someone who has been part of the transgendered movement, and living life as a transgendered person for a very long time. The latest SOGI article in the Abby News I felt was half-baked. One of the youths stated he/she (they?) had become transgendered after reading about it on the internet. hmmmmmm Another youth confirmed parents’ worst fears stating how the teacher at one of the local schools was calling him/her/they ‘Kaleb’ (treating him/her/they) as a boy at school, when this individual had not informed parents at home. Then it was “let slip” on the report card, and if the parents had been more “transphobic” it could have created a lot of trouble. hmmmmm Is it really “transphobic” to want to know what your child is up to at school? Isn’t it simply responsible parenting to take an interest in your child’s well-being? To want to know what your child is up to? Then another youth said Culture Guard is to blame for him/her/they not “coming out” to Oma. Really? Culture Guard is to blame for that. Assuming this young person has a Mennonite heritage, given the Mennonite last name, Oma’s going to be upset about this young person “coming out” because of Culture Guard. Mennonites fled Russia because of severe religious persecution. They rebuilt their community from scratch. I think Oma might be pretty upset, or at the least incredibly confused about all of this, irregardless of Culture Guard. . .also, please correct me if I’m wrong, but these youths look pretty white, don’t they? We still haven’t heard from communities of “colour” in this community–however, I’m pretty sure many communities of colour aren’t going to be celebrating when they find out the full extent of this curriculum. Now, schools should be free from bullying–safe, respectful environments for everyone–but SOGI is not going to help achieve this. We are trading human rights like Pokemon cards.

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    1. Well there is a heavy Caucasian dominance in trans identity. There have been studies confirming this, but I have known this for a long time. It is offensive to me that the school system would adopt any program that favors one cosmology over another. The proper role for schools is to NOT instruct children on what is right or wrong in terms of sexual identity etc, because it is none of their business.
      My SOGI lesson plan would look like this:

      1 Police Officers stand in front of children each year and say: “Do not bully for any reason because it is illegal and will be punished.” End of lesson.

      2 Doctor stands in front of children: “Unprotected sex and can lead to pregnancy or potentially crippling or life ending disease,” End of lesson.

      If individual parents want their kids to know more…a myriad of internet resources from reputable sites exist. Done.

      But of course we know they are not interested in anything but indoctrinating kids, and sexualizing and confusing them, because it is part of an agenda to tear down traditional values and reshape society. To prove this you only need to consider the logical outcomes of teaching kids all this crap then putting tween boys in pool changerooms with tween girls in an already hypersexualized culture.


  2. Do you have those studies? that would be a great piece to write–the Caucasian dominance in this movement. And yes to all of the above! These are insane times. Just insane. Thank you for continuing to speak out, you are a wonderful human being.


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